Play, beetle, play!


02.07 / 12:00


02.07 / 12:00




Polish, with Ukrainian elements


admission free


Production: Teatr Mozaika
Script: Oksana But, Karolina Ociepka, Dominika Oczepa
Narrator, singer, Hutsul cymbalist: Oksana But
Narrator, singer, violinist: Dominika Oczepa
Narrator, singer, frame drummer: Karolina Ociepka
Set designer: Anna Kaźmierak Miło to widzieć
Costumes: Berenika Pyza

Żuk (beetle) is a dance and ritual game from the former Kresy (Eastern Borderlands), still played in Ukraine. In the performance, a beetle will guide us across Ukrainian yards, forests and fields. Play, beetle, Play! Play, Ukraine, Play! Traditional Ukrainian melodies will be performed on a violin, a frame drum and on Hutsul cymbals played by Oksana But: a Ukrainian artist, cymbalist and expert on traditional Ukrainian culture. The family show is  inspired by our genuine need for peace and spreading hope, and for learning more about the culture of our neighbours, who are now even closer to our hearts. 

Recommended for children aged 3 and over.


For many years, Malta’s programme for families has been its integral part. This year, we would like to invite our young festival-goers to two performances of Teatr Czerwona Walizka and Teatr Mozaika, as well as art workshops in the Children at Liberty programme, curated by Maja Brzozowska and Elżbieta Niewiadomska-Wieczorek. The program was started when Malta “occupied” Liberty Square, turning the then uneventful site into a “community centre”. The goal was to show that children should be allowed to “be important and enjoy being children,” say the curators. This year, Children at Liberty is celebrating its 10th anniversary.