Practical information



44 Ratajczaka Street (1st floor)


44 Ratajczaka Street (ground floor)

Wednesday – Friday
5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
10.00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Malta Festival Centre is where you can see concerts and take part in the silent disco, as well as discussions, workshops and informal chats over coffee. This year, it is located at the Malta Foundation headquarters at 44 Ratajczaka Street. The historic Arkadia building in the heart of the Poznań offers a huge open space with a terrace overlooking the city and Wolności Square. The venue was arranged for the festival by Olga Strizhniova. At the information desk on the ground floor you can find all the practical information, ask for directions and your festival pathway, pick up a free-of-charge brochure with the festival schedule and buy a festival t-shirt. Headphones for the silent disco are available after dark at the Festival Centre. 


Malta Foundation
44 Ratajczaka Street 

Wednesday – Sunday
Noon – 8:00 p.m.

The press office is situated at the Malta Foundation headquarters at 44 Ratajczaka Street. Members of the press are welcome to collect their passes and obtain all the necessary information. 


The Malta Festival Poznań events are organised at the Festival Centre. This year, it is located at the Malta Foundation headquarters, at partner venues and outdoor venues in public space. All events at the Festival Centre are free. For workshops for children and adults, please register by email at Free admission passes are required for the meeting with Orhan Pamuk (28 June) and the I, Şeküre concert (29 June). Tickets (PLN 40/25) and passes (PLN 100/60) are required for the following shows: Ana Pi The Divine Cypher (30 June), Choy Ka Fai Yishun Is Burning (1 July), and Sergey Shabohin and Igor Shugaleev Ich heiße Frau Troffea (2 July). Tickets and free admission passes are available on the website and at the Cultural Information Centre (Arkadia building, Wolności Square). Tickets for the following concerts: Natalia Nykiel, Baasch, Bass Brass, DJ Blik and Dominika Płonka during the Malta Festival Poznań/Poznań Pride Week finale are available in the Going. app, on the website, empik stores and the website. Tickets are required for the Poznań at Malta shows: Rimma Tyshkevych, Anastasia Ivasova and Ewa Kaczmarek Genesis (28 and 29 June, PLN 25), Lidia Gómez Herrera and Krzysztof Cicheński Callar y quemarse (30 June and 1 July, PLN 25), and Teatr Emigrant Solitude by Żadan & Stachura (30 June and 1 July, PLN 25). The tickets are available on the website.


The festival is presenting nearly 50 events, 35 of which are free. All the other events require tickets: regular and reduced. Reduced tickets are available to students, schoolchildren and seniors. Carers of people with disabilities are entitled to free admission passes for all the ticketed events. 

The Festival Centre at the Arkadia building is partially adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. However, for the duration of the festival we are removing some of the architectural barriers by putting in temporary ramps in place of thresholds and steps. We are also providing staff ready to assist with mobility. There is an underground carpark under Wolności Square, and a carpark for people with limited mobility in the immediate vicinity of the Arkadia building. There are also public transport stops nearby, adapted for people with special needs.

The performances by Sergey Shabohin and Igor Shugaleev, Choy Ka Fai and the I, Şeküre concert will feature Polish and English subtitles to assist not only deaf and hard of hearing people, but also for non-Polish speakers. Some of the events are organised in closed venues at the Zamek Cultural Centre and Pawilon, where there are no architectural barriers. Moreover, these venues offer facilities for people with disabilities, including a toilet and lift on level 0, as well as a wheelchair ramp. Parking spaces are located in the vicinity.