The Power of Patina – parade dedicated to the memory of professor Jarosław Maszewski


28.06 / 21:00


28.06 / 21:00






admission free


Script and performance architecture: Piotr Tetlak
Stage set objects: Dariusz Minta, Wojciech Pawliczuk, Piotr Tetlak and Jakub Psuja
Stage set collaboration: Dobrawa Deczkowska, Kamil Pytel and Krzysztof Urban
Costrumes and props: Anna Boruch-Kuńka, Elżbieta Cios, Sławomira Chorążyczewska, Marta Szysz, Martyna Stachowczyk and Ewa Tetlak
Collaboration: Pracownia Ubioru Unikatowego and Pracownia Zjawisk Teatralnych UAP Music: Arnold Dąbrowski and Paweł Paluch (Targanescu), Zbigniew Łowżył,  Mieszko Łowżył

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Partners: Estrada Poznańska, Porta Posnania, Zamek Cultural Centre in Poznań, University of the Arts Poznań, Galeria Jerzego Piotrowicza Pod Koroną, Fundacja Artystyczno-Edukacyjna Puenta. 

The outdoor performance The Power of Patina is sponsored by Aquanet. 

The Power of Patina project is financially supported from the budget of the City of Poznań #poznanwspiera.

This year, Malta Festival Poznań opens with a colourful theatrical parade celebrating the joy of meeting each other, of respect and freedom. We will see, among other things, five-metre-tall objects, Pegasi, a flaming giraffe and enormous theatrical installations. The art and music show is dedicated to the memory of professor Jarosław Maszewski. The charismatic teacher, Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, brought together communities and worked for the benefit of the city. We owe him the tradition of theatricalised parades on the name day of St. Peter and St. Paul, the patron saints of Poznań. Jarosław Maszewski’s field of activity was urban space, which he shaped to stage artistic activities. His happenings, performance art, shows and parades in the streets fired up the staid spaces of Poznań, enlivening and casting a spell on the city. An arranger of exhibitions, an organiser, artist and teacher, Jarosław Maszewski inspired a whole generation of students. Teatr Asocjacja 2006, a group of artists who were directly associated with Professor Maszewski, cultivate his philosophy and methods to this day.

The second event dedicated to the memory of Jarosław Maszewski is a concert by Hanna Banaszak, which will take place after the The Power of Patina performance.