Family Stories


02.07 / 15:30


02.07 / 15:30






admission free


Director: Rafał Biesiada
Performers: Rafał Biesiada, Maja Biesiada, Jędrzej Biesiada, Adam Biesiada and Łukasz Schmidt (musician)

Family is power. Family is a nuisance. We have to live under one roof! But how, I ask you. Family Stories is a performance for families, incorporating elements of object theatre, circus, slap stick, improvisation and live music. It is a story about day-to-day paradoxes, shared joys and sorrows. It is a street show full of gags and unexpected twists. Join us in our exciting and humorous performance, where the everyday and the (sometimes) annoying turn into a cheerful joke, and the sad into strength and joy.

For all age groups.


For many years, Malta’s programme for families has been its integral part. This year, we would like to invite our young festival-goers to two performances of Teatr Czerwona Walizka and Teatr Mozaika, as well as art workshops in the Children at Liberty programme, curated by Maja Brzozowska and Elżbieta Niewiadomska-Wieczorek. The program was started when Malta “occupied” Liberty Square, turning the then uneventful site into a “community centre”. The goal was to show that children should be allowed to “be important and enjoy being children,” say the curators. This year, Children at Liberty is celebrating its 10th anniversary.