Ebru: painting on water for beginners


01.07 / 12:30


01.07 / 12:30






e-mail registration (limited number of seats): zapisy@malta-festival.pl

Additional information


We would like to invite you to our ebru workshop. Ebru is a traditional Turkish technique of painting on water, more widely known as paper marbling. The technique originated in Central Asia, where it emerged as an art of decorating paper, probably during the 9th or 10th century CE. From there, it made its way via Anatolia and Persia to Turkey, where it was developed in into the form known today as ebru. The name itself comes from the Persian word ebri, which means cloud. All the materials used in this technique: brushes, paints and the water on which you paint, are made by hand from natural products. The paint is applied to the surface of the water to create unique, fanciful patterns or different types of flowers. Finally, the pattern created on the water is transferred onto paper or fabric.

What you need:

Suitable clothing. You may get dirty at the workshop.

You must also be careful with your shoes, which may get splashed during the workshop (the paint comes off easily only from non-absorbent materials).

The technique uses materials with ox gall, which has a very characteristic and strong smell.