Poznań at Malta: three repertory performances


Malta Festival Poznań presents events from a variety of artistic fields. It attracts both artists and audiences to Poznań, in addition to showing local projects. This year, the Poznań at Malta programme features three shows from the repertoire of Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta and Barak Kultury. The events are ticketed.

Poznań at Malta is a collaborative programme which accompanies Malta Festival Poznań. For many years, it has featured Poznań-based artists, theatre companies and cultural institutions. We have presented both repertory and fringe theatres, new performances (premiering at the festival) and repertoires, as well as classic and contemporary texts. With a smaller-scale and shorter festival, we wanted the events to be a reference  to the themes explored in the main programme and to highlight foreign artists living in Poland. 

Performances by international artists living in Poland

Callar y quemarse, or Shut up and burn, by playwright Lidia Gómez Herrera and interdisciplinary artist Krzysztof Cicheński, is a spatial and musical installation inspired by Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding. The drama alludes to modernity whilst depicting the realia of the 1930s in Spain, where the artist lived, worked and tragically died. It also depicts a world where desire fights morality, where forbidden love (not only heterosexual) destroys individuals and has a damaging effect on society, which subsequently stigmatises freedom, otherness and independence. Callar y quemarse by Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta will be performed four times, on 30 June and 1 July.

Tłusta Langusta also presents Genesis, a performance cocreated by Rimma Tyshkevych, Anastasiia Ivasova and Ewa Kaczmarek. The show is full of Ukrainian images and symbols which the artists want to protect. They say the performance is “our own symbolic parable about the emergence of women’s power … We want to create a story about women that gives them hope. A story about the new beginning we are experiencing and about the power of creation.” The performance will be shown twice, on 28 and 29 June.

The last item in the Poznań at Malta programme is Solitude by Zhadan & Stachura created by Barak Kultury and Teatr Emigrant. It is a story about loneliness caused by emigration, the emotions that go with it and how they are embraced. It is the voice of millions of women fleeing war. The performance is the continuation of Solitude (2021), based on the works of poet-emigrant Iosif Brodsky. This time, Solitude is based on the poems of Edward Stachura and i Serhiy Zhadan. The performance will be shown twice, on 30 June and 1 July.