Piotr Tetlak / Asocjacja 2006

Asocjacja 2006 has been organising itinerant events in Poznań since the 1990s. These include artistically elaborate shows, parades and outdoor performance art. The company operates within the Polish genre of artistic theatre, hence the trademark of all its activities – both indoor and out – is powerful visuals. Over three decades, the company has gathered a strong team of performers and creators: stage and costume designers,  puppeteers, architects and interior designers, happening artists and constructors, as well as directors, choreographers, actors and dancers. The tradition of theatricalised parades was launched by a group of professional artists working under the name Interdyscyplinarna Grupa Teatralna “Asocjacja 2006.” The company’s artistic director is interior architect, stage designer and sculptor Piotr Tetlak, who runs the Theatrical Phenomena Studio at the University of the Arts Poznań.