Igor Shugaleev

Igor Shugaleev was born in 1986 in Gomel, Belarus. He is an independent actor and performer, a graduate of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. As a student, he became interested in performative practices, physical and dance theater. He participated in workshops on contemporary dance, partnering, performance, happening, etc. organized by prominent pedagogues in Europe. As a performer of Karakuli Dance Theater and Korniag Theater projects, he took part in multiple European dance festivals. He collaborated with TOK Theater (Minsk), HUNCH Theater (Minsk-London). Starting in 2019, Igor began to work on solo projects. Cooperating with artists across creative disciplines, he searches for his own language of artistic expression at the intersection of dance, drama theater, and performance.). Since 2021 he lives in Poland. Last year Malta Festival Poznań presented a performance 375 0908 2334 / The body you are calling is currently not available, that he conceived with Sergey Shabohin.